24 June 21 – Webinar “Your best protection against data leaks and insider threats – Curtain e-locker” in Hong Kong

Date & Time: 24 June 2021 (Thu), 3:00-3:30 pm

Channel: Online Meeting

Organizers: ACW Solutions Limited, Coworkshop Solutions

The times are changing, and the company has to change! In the past, I used Excel to store customer information, use Excel to update the boss’s latest sales, and then go back to the business to make the initial payment. It’s no longer sufficient.

In fact, sales must be accurately grasped at any time in order to flexibly plan greater profit plans. Sales can instantly update the pipeline with the mobile app after meeting customers and can see customer information no matter when or where, so they don’t have to worry about too many customers and insufficient Excel sheets. Simply save a large amount of customer information in the Easy Sales App and allow Sales to update your mobile phone with sales progress, a sales forecast, and check-in visits.

But… What about the company’s document security? Do you wait for sales to return to the company? General office documents and even design drawings can be controlled and saved to any location; screenshots can be sent, printed, or even saved to any location; copied content can be saved to any location. Curtain e-locker can perfectly safeguard your information from leaking out of the company.


– Mini CRM App customer
– Real-time update of sales opportunity progress and forecasted sales
– Tips of Customer Information and Document Management Security
– Real-time demo