23 May 23 – Webinar “Smart City and CCTV Surveillance: Ensuring Privacy and Security in the Collection and Analysis of Visual Data” in Hong Kong

Date & Time: 23 May 2023 (Tue), 7:00-8:30 pm
Channel: Online Meeting
Medium: Cantonese
Organizers: SOE, Institution of Environmentalists, Coworkshop Solutions

Webinar coverage :

CCTV surveillance systems are used in different places. With the popularization of Smart City applications, CCTV will be more widely used to collect images for analysis. For operation engineers, the issues of privacy and data leakage CANNOT be ignored! This workshop will explore related issues and share how organizations are addressing the challenges.

This technical webinar will provide the attendees with an insight into:- Applications of CCTV surveillance system and Smart City
– Privacy and security challenges in the collection of visual data
– Incidents of leaking CCTV footage to public
– How to cope with this challenge
– How about other sensitive data (such as personal data)