19 Aug 22 – Webinar “Is it difficult to apply DLP in the workplace? Deconstructing different DLP solutions on the market to Prevent Data Leakage” in Hong Kong

Date & Time: 19 Aug 2022 (Fri), 15:00-16:00 pm

Channel: Online Meeting

Medium: Cantonese

Organizers: Apple Solution, Coworkshop Solutions

Under the epidemic, the need for remote work from all walks of life at any time has become the new normal. When employees handle work outside the office, whether it is personal data, organizational routines, or even CCTV footage, there is a potential risk of leakage of important data. In recent years, cases of data leakage due to careless or improper use have occurred from time to time, resulting in losses to enterprises. Therefore, the confidentiality of organizational data is worthy of attention.


1. Compare the pros and cons of different DLP solutions on the market.

2. Explanation and Demonstration of Curtain e-locker DLP.

3. Customer case sharing (protect web system and CCTV system).