14 Dec 22 – Webinar “Data Loss Prevention, DLP” in Hong Kong

Date & Time: 14 Dec 2022 (Wed), 3:00-4:30 pm
Channel: Online Meeting
Medium: Cantonese
Organizers: HKCSS, Coworkshop Solutions

Webinar coverage :

With the rapid development of communication technology and related software and programs, information can be transmitted more effectively, quickly, and conveniently. However, this also increases the risk of sensitive data leakage. Especially under the pandemic, remote work has become the new norm. Staff members of organizations handling work outside the office, whether it’s personal data, institutional documents, or even CCTV footage, are at risk of important data leakage. In recent years, there have been cases of data leakage due to careless or improper handling and transmission of files. Therefore, the management of Data Loss Protection (DLP) in organizations should not be overlooked.

To this end, the The Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Coworkshop Solutions Ltd. provide an exclusive offer for NGOs, providing the Curtain e-locker DLP system to prevent data leakage for free, allowing organizations to use the software for free to ensure that sensitive data is not leaked.

Curtain e-locker DLP System to Prevent Data Leakage – Exclusive Offer for NGOs:
– 20 sets of Curtain e-locker Standard Edition
– Curtain e-locker Windows File Server Protection Module
– Includes basic installation
– Free use for six months

*This combination can be installed on 20 computers to protect the shared folders of the Windows File Server and prevent unnecessary data leakage.