13 July 18 – How a platform provides transparent data management

Date & Time: 13 July 2018 (Fri), 2:00-4:30 pm
Venue: Room 126, Floor 1, Hong Kong Productivity Council Building
Organizers: Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd, ACW Solutions and Coworkshop Solutions

Learn how an effective new product to help development process, grasp the real-time capabilities of data management, progress and human resources, control R&D costs, improve the way of collaboration. Speed up the design and production, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
The platform is suitable for manufacturing, biotechnology, system development, technology industry, etc.
At the same time, the event will also share the protection plan of ERP management and digital assets, which will help simplify the business process of the enterprise!

The solution provided by the seminar:
1) Enhance enterprise data interoperability
2) Changes in real-time data
3) How to meet the changing operational service requirements in a very short time with service guidance
4) Rapid integration of R&D management platform and ERP system
5) Help companies prevent confidential information from being improperly used