07 Dec 18 – Seminar “Latest Government Funding Schemes: Implemented data loss prevention solution x Document Management System x Workflow System”  in Hong Kong

Date & Time: 07 Dec 2018 (Fri), 2:30-5:00 pm

Venue: 16/F, Island Place Tower, 510 King’s Rd, North Point, Hong Kong

Organizers: ACW Distribution, ACW Solutions, Coworkshop Solutions, LMHK Consultant and Nintex

In recent years,The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has promoted a number of different funding schemes to support local enterprises. The application qualifications are applicable to major SMEs in Hong Kong. For more information on the technology funding scheme, welcome to Seminar of “Latest Government Funding Schemes: implemented data loss prevention solution x Document Management System x Workflow System” jointly organised by ACW Distribution, ACW Solutions,Coworkshop Solutions,LMHK Consultant and Nintex to learn more about the details and skills of applying for the “Government funding Schemes” And how to strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises through funded technology projects!

Seminar content:

Government Funding Projects : One-Stop Document Management and Security Solutions.

• Combine “Kodak Scanner Technology” with Microsoft SharePoint for file Document Management.

• Paperless approval process through Nintex And optimize the workflow of the enterprise resource planning system.

• Avoid recurrence of data leakage and strengthen security guards early to be improperly used.