27 July 17 – Seminar on “Business document and credit risk management” in Hong Kong

Date: 27 July 2017
Time: 2:30pm – 5:30pm
Venue: 12/F, Harbour Crystal Centre, 100 Granville Road, TST East, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Organizers: The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Limited, Coworkshop Solutions, CRIF, Omron Electronics Asia and Novamondo Finance Ltd.

As an OEM manufacturer, are you taking into account the risk of data leakage? And when the company has the opportunity to meet the potential of new manufacturers, but hesitate because of the credit status of the manufacturers? If you disclose customer product data / design or loss of customer data, you may be involved in litigation risk. In addition, more customers will add the traceable management system into the procurement requirements.

Enterprises carry out each transaction should balance the profit opportunities and calculate the risk, because the emergence of bad debts can make the enterprise to pay the loss.

In view of this, the speaker will let you know how to manage the documentation flow through the information technology and business information effectively in the company. During the sales process, effectively assess the credit risk so as to reduce the chance of bad debts. Speakers will also share with us the real cases of credit management. In addition, the seminar will introduce ways to enhance the cash flow so that members can seize business opportunities.


1. Curtain e-locker Data Loss Protection of Sensitive Financial and Customer Document
– Ways to ensure sensitive financial data are not leaked to the public
– Protect data privacy and confidential document taking out of office

2. CRIF Hong Kong Limited for credit risk management
– Use of large databases to strengthen credit risk management and deal with accounts receivable which assist in market development

3. Omron Electronics Asia for credit management practices
– Manage customer dynamics through credit management to identify the potential crisis

4. Novamondo Finance for Capital flow management
– Capital flow management program to help business development





Source: HKEIA Bulletin