23 Dec 2019 – Interview “Preventing data leakage, protecting privacy and intellectual property”


Corphub interview – “Preventing data leakage, protecting privacy and intellectual property” with Mr. Kelvin Cheung, founder and director of Coworkshop Solutions Limited

Over the years, there have been many data leakage incidents, and even large international institutions have not been spared. The leakage of personal data of many users has caused widespread public concern. From the perspective of the enterprise, seeing that companies continue to cause big problems in the leakage of data, I reflect on whether the existing internal protection measures are sufficient.

Coworkshop Solutions Limited was founded in 2001, is an expert in protecting confidential information. It is the leader of data rights management solutions in Asia. Its data leakage prevention solution, Curtain e-locker, helps companies protect their valuable assets to prevent improper use and take away of materials.

Founder and director Kelvin Cheung worked in an glasses factory before founding the company and found that many manufacturers had been copied from product styles, but there was no corresponding solution in the market. “I think this is a gap. I started to develop software to prevent data leakage, and more successfully applied to join the Science Park science training program. With the support of the Science Park, Coworkshop Solutions has gradually matured, and later was more able to move out of the Science Park and become a successful example in the brutal innovation circle.”

Curtain e-locker

Without effective monitoring measures and proper management. Sensitive or confidential information may be used improperly or leaked to competitors which including product design files, customer information and financial statements etc.

Curtain e-locker is a complete solution to prevent data leakage. Businesses can authorize employees to use sensitive data normally, while Curtain e-locker prevents unauthorized employees from taking data through any channel. The system monitors and restricts employees printing of data, copying files to USB hard disks and emails and capture screen etc. It also prevents unauthorized programs from entering and using files in protected areas, effectively blocking attacks by hackers or malicious programs.


Reduce customer maintenance pressure

Kelvin admits that most of the company’s competitors are well-resourced, large-scale multinationals, and said with a smile that “there may be dozens of people in each department. But the advantage of Coworkshop Solutions is that we are sophisticated in data rights management technology and can provide one-stop tailor-made overall solutions. Opponents may develop a thousand kinds of software at the same time, and we focus on the one hundred kinds at hand, and will regularly update the system to add unique features that meet market needs.”

There are many anti-disclosure systems on the market, but Kelvin thinks that some systems have too many functions, but they are self-defeating. Too many functions is not necessarily a good thing. Not all companies need it, and they need to spend extra money to maintain the system. Coworkshop Solutions’ system provides key functions that better meet the needs of the enterprise. Ensuring that each function has its usefulness. Reducing customer maintenance pressure.

Kelvin Cheung : “We are experienced. Understand the situation of various industries and the pain points of everyone. Curtain e-locker supports more than 200 applications, including MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and CorelDraw etc. Enterprises only need to determine the permissions of each employee after the internal IT department communicates with other employees then it can be used immediately. ”


Develop more possibilities

Coworkshop Solutions has developed core technologies to prevent data leakage. Kelvin states that there are more possibilities: “With the rapid development of smart cities. Sensitive data has continued to increase and the protection of data is becoming more and more important. The market has always been more important. Being our teachers, we often respond to social changes and extend software functions according to customer needs. ”

“Taking recent events as an example, the market’s demand for protecting closed-circuit television pictures has increased dramatically. We haven’t thought about developing in this area and it turns out that the types of sensitive information will increase. Recently, we have added a watermark on the CCTV screen to the viewer’s account. If the screen is leaked through a mobile phone. The company can use the watermark to find the leaker.”

“In addition, many companies have also requested that the system keep records when allowing employees to store and take out data. Employees need to explain the amount and reason of copying the data. In addition to preventing data leakage, they also want to make notifications and records at the moment. We’ve all taken these ideas and continued to improve the Curtain e-locker.”



Source by Corphub