1 May 2016 – Customer sharing – Curtain e-locker avoid Locky ransomware disaster

Curtain e-locker avoid Locky ransomware disaster

Locky ransomware has been found one of the most vicious viruses lately. In general, Locky ransomware are distributed through spam emails and infected websites. When users open the attachment in those virus emails, the virus will soon infect the computer and try to encrypt files being stored in that computer and even files in share drives. Once those files encrypted (locked), the users would be asked to pay money in order for decrypting (unlocking) the files. If they are not paying the requested amount, in most of the unfortunate cases, they would be unable to open those locked files anymore.

Some of our customers found that their companies were infected and affected by this ransomware, unfortunately. They called us for helps and asked us to save them from recovering those locked and encrypted files. When we started to analyze the “damage” caused by ransomware and see how worse the status was, we accidentally found that Curtain e-locker could prohibit “attacks” from ransomware successfully. Those files being stored in the e-locker Protected Zone could be getting away from the “attack” by the ransomware.

How is that protection made? The reason is so very simple and great! For the reason of preventing data leakage, e-locker is designed to block unknown programs/applications (including ransomware) accessing files into the Protected Zone. As a result, ransomware is unable to encrypt files in the Protected Zone as well. Curtain e-locker is a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software, yet it is also preventing ransomware from damaging your important files. Definitely, it is an additional and valuable bonus to our customers.